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ETR Radio Show-March 10, 2017

  • Trump IS a Russian puppet
  • Our Man on the Floor of the House Rep Steve Kirby Joins us. We talk about the Levie Cliff and YOUR car tabs.
  • Shaine Truscott from SEIU 775 joins us to talk about the GOP’s attempt to gut the ACA and Medicaid
  • What kind of person would knowingly eliminate medical insurance for millions of citizens causing them to suffer and die?



ETR Radio Show- December 9, 2016

  • Memorial to a murdered Police Officer.
  • Mark Potok Senior Fellow with Southern Poverty Law Center joins us with chilling information about the uptick in racial violence.
  • The election scam.
  • Holiday hints



ETR Radio Show- January 29, 2016

  • The “debate” trump’s phony Vet scam.
  • Our Man on the Floor of the House gives us his weekly legislative update.
  • Nancy Monacelli candidate for Democratic National Committee tells us about her journey. We learned a lot. Good luck Nancy.



Site Maintenance and Cleanup

If you are experiencing some unstable viewing here, it is because we are currently combing through the files here and doing some clever cleanup.  It shouldn’t be long.

ETR Radio Show-May 30, 2014

  • Passings. Dr Maya Angelou, Ken Schram. RIP And thank you.
  • Skip Dreps Vietnam war veteran, now working with the VA research board in Seattle joins us to discuss the most recent VA “scandal”. We have discussed this topic with Skip before. SIX YEARS ago…….
  • Ladd Everett communication director for Coalition to Stop Gun Violence in Washington DC calls in to tell us there has actually been a bit of progress to stop the gun violence.
  • Rough week so we close the show with the story of Mr G the goat and Jellybean the mule.



ETR Radio Show-August 23, 2013

  •  This week we do a tribute through a history lesson. August 28th will mark the 50th anniversary of the march on Washington for Jobs And Justice. We play several sound drops of notable people from 1963 including Bull Conner, George Wallace, JFK and of course Martin Luther King JR’s I have a dream speech. We also give a chronology of events of that awful year and maybe some incidents you haven’t heard o.
  • We talk with our Friend Ivan Weiss who shares his perspective as a young man in Philly and what it was like to BE at the March on Washington for Jobs and Justice.
  •  We, as citizens need to step out of our bubble and talk with instead of about people who are different than us. There AIN’T no us and them only US. and sometimes that’s all we got.



Podcasting upgrades

I have been playing around with the podcasting feature here.  It came to my attention that people were unable to play the show using iPhone, iPad, iPod, or Android because the player was using Flash.  I don’t intend to bore you with technicalities here, but Flash is so 2008.

I just replaced the Flash player with HTML5 that will fall back to Flash if you are using a browser that doesn’t support the HTML5 player.  This way,  everyone can get it.

I am also looking into putting the show up on iTunes.

Welcome to ETR Mirth!!!

I just realized that I haven’t written an official welcome to our new author, Mirth. I discovered her fine writing on another blog, and asked if she would be willing to contribute here when she had the time or inclination. She has graciously agreed to do so, so keep your eye peeled and watch for her well written, insightful, well researched and FAIR commentary right here, on Equal Time Radio. Shoot, maybe we will be able to convince her to call the show someday. Soon. I’m serious. Soon.

Comments are up,please do.

There was a monkeywrench in the works that made it impossible for you most welcome visitors to comment on our most brilliant commentary. David, our excellent webmaster (check his favorite site .Grouchy’s liberaltopia) found the aforementioned monkeywrench and cast it down into the depths of cyber-hell. So comment away and let us have it. tramadol 50mg provigil without prescription online phentermine buy phentermine tramadol no prescription xanax online tramadol online buy tramadol buy xanax phentermine no prescription