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She’s back with a vengeance. Randi Rhodes is back on Premier networks. Her podcasts are available HERE, and they’re FREE. Welcome back Randi, you were missed.

I had confidence that she was working a deal with radio adult professionals. And she HAD to remain mute while she was working the deal. ALL voices are needed to get the liberal message heard. NOW to get a spot for Peter B and Jeff Farias.


It’s official! Randi Rhodes is going back on the air May 11th! She is being syndicated by Premier Radio Networks. She’s going to be broadcasting from Washington DC!!!Read the “Green 960” announcement HERE. Of course her detractors will LOVE to point out that Premier syndicates the rightest of the right. SO WHAT!!!! They are a successful radio business, something NO left wing radio outfit can say. The best radio show hosts like say, Peter B Collins are off the air. Folks like Hartmann have left AAR because AAR is being run into the ground AGAIN by amateurs. Mike Malloy, like him or NOT is relegated to self-syndication and podcast sales to try to survive. I KNEW Randi, being the radio professional that she IS, was working a deal with real, adult radio professionals to do it RIGHT this time, NOT relying on some cobbed-together mess of nuts and fools.Welcome back Randi,you were SORLEY missed!

Randi Rhodes alert……AGAIN!

After weeks and weeks, silence from Randi Rhodes. Peter B goes dark. Then today I got an email from our (Greater Seattle area) AAR affiliate stating that Randi Rhodes will back in national syndication……….soon. AGAIN! *sigh* HERE’S the link.

Anyone who thinks that liberal talk radio had no influence on the last election is ignorant. Anyone who thinks that because the election is over, liberal talk is no longer necessary is stupid. ALL liberal voices are more important than ever. I hope for a quick return of Randi Rhodes AND Peter B. Collins.

NOVAM dead “On Second Thought” having second thoughts?

Is this the future of progressive talk radio?


Due to some bizarre business practices, NOVAM blew up. It was “acquired” by a doctor after their top talent and main draw Randi Rhodes went away. Some Randi-haters have said that she “brought it on herself” which is bullflop, the owners of NOVAM went on a firing spree and dumped LOTS of folks, some of whom are suing,  stopped paying the bills and unfortunately one of them had some sort of breakdown. ( I wish him and his family well)

Some doctor by the name of Mike Newcomb apparently bought the “network” and rather than re-instate Randi and promote the thing wound up NOT paying the rent on his flagship station in Phoenix with the result pictured above.Stephen Lemons of  The Phoenix New Times published an article on this whole sordid mess.

So. The net result of the firings, lawsuits, nervous breakdowns, bankruptcy, name-change and chained-up radio stations is that ONE of America’s top liberal talents no longer HAS a show, another is trying to self- syndicate and Randi’s “replacement” reads a paragraph of MY post NATIONWIDE out of context, making me look liks a “guy who hates EVERYBODY” and I damn well resent it.

One thing is clear. (NOT channel) If liberal talk radio is going to continue to exist, there needs to be a concerted effort to gather a consortium of “rich liberal” investors to finance it, and they should hire radio PROFESSIONALS to manage it. There are just too many instances where good-intentioned, but inexperianced people buy networks as a kind of hobby and run it into the ground, and the talent WITH it.


BOTH NOVAM AND On Second Thought websites are down. Are BOTH Mike Malloy and Nancy Skinner without a gig? Can Malloy really self-syndicate?  I think he CAN, can Nancy? Jeeze I don’t know. Will Randi pop up somewhere? I HOPE so. Jeeze what a mess!

NOVAM Dead, Randi Rhodes Show gone — For Good?

The drama continues to spin out of control at NOVAM. Apparently, NOVAM founder Sheldon Drobny has been hospitalized after either a suicide attempt or a nervous breakdown. A press release from Randi Rhodes’ lawyer reads:

Randi Rhodes’ on-air home for less than a year will shut its doors.  In an email message of February 17th from counsel for Nova M Radio, Inc. to Randi’s entertainment attorney, Robert V. Gaulin, the company is said to have been advised to file for bankruptcy protection next week.  All payroll deposits were reversed on Tuesday, leaving Nova’s employees unpaid for the past two weeks.  On Sunday, Nova received a letter from Mr. Gaulin asserting that the contract with Ms. Rhodes was terminated due to material breaches and other reasons.  Ms. Rhodes had not broadcast for over a week prior to this time, a situation which was diplomatically referred to as a “problem” that was solely within Nova’s control to solve.  A few days earlier, Sheldon Drobny, founder of Nova M, and a co-founder of Air America Radio, attempted suicide and is hospitalized in Chicago.

Mr. Gaulin indicated on Randi’s behalf that “We saw this coming, but are most saddened by the tragic news regarding Sheldon Drobny.  Randi is devastated by the impact of these events upon her fiercely loyal audience, affiliates and sponsors.  Discussions are already being conducted for Randi’s swift return to the air.  Stay tuned…”

Thank you

Robert V. Gaulin

I seriously doubt that an attorney would release a bunch of lies or claptrap. I hope that Randi finds a home soon. All that being said, there are a couple things that liberal radio owners don’t seem to GET. They invest and buy a network. Then they just let it sit there. No marketing, no promotion, no talent development no business acumen. I don’t know how these people get rich, but it AIN’T by doing things the way they do once they buy a network. I keep seeing postings on blogs that say that rich liberals should start buying radio stations and whole networks and produce their own shows. Sounds good, but they need to have SOMEone running the thing who knows about radio and how it works. JEEZE, this is frustrating

Randi Rhodes show goes dark – AGAIN

Randi Rhodes is MIA from her show on NOVAM radio. Her show went dark last Wednesday and a replacement host has been doing the show since. The NOVA M network posted this note last week. “Technical  problems ” have been the explanation officially stated as the reason for her absence. Of course her message board has lit up with speculation. Her replacement, Nancy Skinner is doing the best she can given the circumstances. Because of her sudden departure from AAR, there are ample scenarios to guess at.

Randi is not every one’s cup of tea. Personally, I believe that she is one of  the most well-informed talk show hosts on the air, and I like her. The way things are in the media I welcome ALL left -o-center radio. I hope she gets back on the air soon, I miss her.


Anita Drobny from NOVAM posted the following on the “about Randi” page on the NOVAM site:

To all of Randi’s listeners;

You are all correct – I have not had the option to disclose what has been happening between Randi and Nova M…

You see, it’s in her contract that she has total control, but, after Wednesday night, I want you all to know that Nova M has done everything we can to get her back on the air.

All this is her choice; if she wants to tell you all what the issue is, then  I hope she does, but I can’t according to her contract rules.

But I can tell you this I have wanted her back on the air. She’s an  amazing talent and needs to be heard.

Thank you all for all of your support.

Randi now has to make her decisions as to what she must do with her career…

Anita Drobny

So whatever THAT means, Randi is STILL off the air, and the way it looks NOW, she MAY not be back. There’s STILL a bunch of speculatin’ about how or when this idiotic situation will resolve. I think she is being screwed over for remarks she made about oxi-rush and clear channel and they are trying to get her to apologize to lardass. She didn’t lie about lardman taking a hundred mil, and CC firing a couple thousand people. So here we go again, the saga of RandiRhodes and the fools who control radio. PATHETIC!!!!!


Randi Rhodes left a statement at Green 960, You can check it out HERE. I GUESS it says that her relationship with NOVAM is over. We’ll keep our ear to the tracks and update as this idiotic situation developes. *sigh* tramadol 50mg provigil without prescription online phentermine buy phentermine tramadol no prescription xanax online tramadol online buy tramadol buy xanax phentermine no prescription