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Auditor candidate Julie Anderson and Sheriff Paul Pastor on this week’s show

Current Tacoma City Council member and Pierce County Auditor candidate Julie Anderson will be in-studio to discuss her campaign for this very important post and the issues that effect elections.

Pierce County Sheriff Paul Pastor joins us to talk about the effects of the proposed budget on his department and the effects on crime in Pierce County

Mark Potok, Southern Poverty Law Center on Equal Time

Mark Potok from the SPLC joins us to talk about the rise of the militia movement and the evangelicizing of our military. Should be a ripsnorter.

Mad as Hell Doctors, Dan Merchant on Equal Time

Dr Samuel Metz from Mad As Hell Doctors tells us about their cross country caravan to DC and why single-payer is the ONLY way to solve our country’s health care mess. Dan Merchant, an independent film maker joins us to talk about his new film, Lord, save us from your followers.God speed Mr Merchant.

Congressman Adam Smith joins us on Equal Time

Congressman Adam Smith joins us to talk about health care and the wars. He stayed with us for almost 45 minutes. Thanks for your time Adam. Also, Pierce County Councilman Tim Farrell give his post primary analysis.

Guns at rallies, a good idea?

There has been a bunch of gun-totin’ patriot types showing up at….health care rallies. I guess those folks think that guns somehow relate to the healthcare debate. I’m not sure how, and I don’t think they do either. There are but a couple reasons people carry guns. Because they want to protect themselves, but from what? Health care? Dog gonnit, SOMEONE needs to stand on the wall and protect us from the ability to go to the doctor.

The other reason to open carry is to intimidate or threaten. Who? Doctors? President Obama? I hearken back to a post I wrote on another blog. The subject was a vehicle that is everywhere the President travels.HERE’S the link. Good luck with those pistols “patriots”.

Hmm Guns, health care. Ask any trauma doc how those two subjects relate.

Jay Inslee on today’s show

Traci and I (Audrey was out this week, feel better Audrey) had the pleasure of interviewing Congressman Jay Inslee (D-Bainbridge Island) this week. We talked about the pending health care bill, energy and community gardening. He also talked a bit of smack on our president’s round ball game. Thanks for the time Jay, we always learn a LOT from you.

Happy Independence day

Lest we forget THIS is what this day is supposed to be all about.Please be safe,and aware of what this day is all about.

Beyond the PALin

I LOVE Sarah Palin. I think she’s adorable. I always have. She’s cuter than a bug burp and dumber than two sacks of hammers. She stumbles through written speeches saying the damndest, lies and distortions in political history. She and her family are a bunch of trailor-trash hillbillies and she can get away with things that would destroy any other political career. So having said all that, why would I not hate her? Simple. Because she is one of the bright,shiny faces of the Republican party, or what’s left of it.

She gets traction in ways where anyone else would sit spinning their wheels. Her latest foray into the national spotlight was over a stupid joke on the Letterman show. She and her hillbilly husband twisted and warped that joke into an evil remark about raping her 14 year old. It was a one news cycle story and Dave apologised several times, but she and her possee kept it up and she kept raking in cash and the corrupt “news” organizations kept giving her face time so of course she kept ramping up the hate. Her “rise-up” moment came when “several” protesters showed in front of the studio with the typical hate-mongers with no idea of the facts and icky signs.There were tens of stupid people showed up,calling Dave’s son a bastard, his wife a slut and Dave a sex offender.

Here’s a couple things to consider. Out of a population of just over eight million people, about fifteen, yes fifteen showed up to show their feigned outrage over this “issue”. Jeeze, you’d think this was an Iranian election protest the way the media played this. The numbskulls who DID show up were yelling “SOCIALIST!!!”, now just what the hell THAT has to do with this issue is beyond me. There are at LEAST ten other examples of late night comics making jokes about the Palin “knocked-up daughter” issue, and THIS is the only time the Palins have expressed concern let alone out rage. BUT. Dave caught McCrazy in a lie and pointed it out……just sayin. Last but not least, Bristol got knocked up IN Palins HOUSE while Sarah was THERE.

My faith in faith restored……..kinda

The last post I wrote dealt with truely evil domestic terrorists in the “government forced-birth” movement. I felt at that time and I still do, that organized religion in this country has devolved into a hate-filled supremacy for money cult.

Just as soon as I decide that all hope is lost,someone comes by makes me feel guilty and foolish. THIS time it came in the form of Frank Schaffer. He has been involved in the abortion is murder for power and profit gang for the last thirty years. He and his father traveled the country yelling at churches about us liberals and our “pro-abortion” stance.

After the murder of Dr Tiller in Wichita, Mr Schaffer wrote a piece for Huffington Post admitting that the rhetoric he and MANY others engaged in was over the top incendiary hate speech and responsible for the death of this and other womens health providers. As he states in the article, he is sorry that the movement he and his father started has gone from idological to reactionary and he said for that he is sorry. He restated this apology many times during an appearance on Rachel Madow’s show. So being the big liberal that I am, I’ll give this guy the benefit of a doubt. Is my faith in the “faithful” restored? To some degree. Will I get my Bible back out of it’s box? Probably not. This is one guy, in response to a terrorist attack HE helped inspire. Are there others willing to admit their accountability? We’ll see.

Randall Terry the terrorist does his best to prove that there is no God

In response to the murder (IN HIS CHURCH for Christ sakes)  of Dr Tiller in Wichita Kansas, Operation Rescue terror proponent Randall Terry proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that for all intent and purpose, there IS no God. Not HIS kind of God anyway. Terry, the domestic terrorist was his usual demented self ,whining that the Obama administration was going to “use” this cold-blooded terrorist murder to deprive the “christian” supremacist movement of their best rhetoric. Read his sickening rant HERE. So what kind of “rhetoric” is Terry the terrorist talking about ? Here’s some twitter terror tweets from these “loving christians”. Nice huh? Doesn’t just make ya want to go worship jesus with them? Loving God my ass.

Terry the domestic terrorist proponent claims Dr Tiller has “a lot of blood on his hands”. Well A LOT of people have Dr Tiller’s blood on THEIR hands. From the obvious ones like Terry and his associate, Scott Roeder, to Bill-O the big mouth hate monger on fox news to the Army of God, these people are terrorists. You can call them domestic terrorists if it makes your skin crawl less, but they use murder, bombings and threats against AMERICANS conducting legal business in the United States. JUST LIKE BIN-SLOBBIN!!!

This has to stop. NOW!! Are we so afraid of offending the likes of fox news that we will crawl on our bellies and allow this terrorist sect to continue operating in the US? Besides, they are SO stupid and SO ignorant that they don’t realize that their REAL enemy is the Republican party? THEY used this issue to sucker these zealots into putting them into power. The GOP had the House, the Senate, the White House AND the Supreme Court for SIX YEARS and they did NOTHING!!! Hey you idiots, they played you for chumps AND suckers and you’re pissed at DOCTORS? GAWD, you’re pathetic! Stupid murdering losers.

Now how did Terry prove there is no God? As he was speaking his putrid ravings, I expected a lightning bolt to strike this money-grubbing whore in the head. No lightning bolt, no GAWD, that simple. tramadol 50mg provigil without prescription online phentermine buy phentermine tramadol no prescription xanax online tramadol online buy tramadol buy xanax phentermine no prescription