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Our man on the floor of the house

Steve Kirby (D-29) IS our man on the floor of the House. He calls our show every week FROM the floor of the House to give us a report on the proceedings. This week we also do a post STOU address and we think he nailed it, AND nailed THEM, both the GOP blockers as well as the Supreme court corporate majority. We were VERY impressed.

We’re back!

It’s been a LONG couple weeks. But we are excited about the new year. Traci is going to be on hiatus for a few weeks in order to serve as an intern in Olympia. We talk about our first responders and their sense of family.We are proud of our President and we’re NOT ashamed of it. We talk about the “wisdom” of public officials who don’t have a CLUE what is going outside of their gated little world. They make decisions based on a map, and don’t give a tinker’s DAMN how it effects PEOPLE. We also have a “red-state report” with our friend Grouchy. Welcome back Grouch!

Happy Holidays from Equal Time Radio

Because SOMEone had the temerity to schedule Christmas and New Years day on Friday this year, Equal Time will be on hiatus for the next two weeks. We’ll be back on January 8th. Have a happy and safe holiday season and as always, thanks for listening.

Equal Time talks to the Army,Salvation that is

We open this weeks show with a subject NOBODY else is talking about. The settlement of a 13 year battle with the Interior Department ta pay off on a lawsuit against the Indian Trust administration.

We also talk with Major Warren Dabis from the Salvation Army about this years low collections and the vast need for their much appreciated services. C’ mon, grab a crowbar and pry a few bucks out and stuff them in a kettle.

There are other “Christians” in DC doing things that PROBABLY wouldn’t be condoned by Jesus OR his dad.

This weeks show dedicated to our fallen officers

This weeks Equal Time is dedicated to the Lakewood Police Officers who were murdered last Sunday. It features Pierce County Sheriff Paul Pastor, Lakewood Mayor Douglas Richardson and County Councilman Dick Muri. Our thoughts and prayers go out to the families of those officers and their families.

Our Thanksgiving show

We do our annual Thanksgiving show. It’s a holiday “turdition”.

HA HA HA. I get to talk about Palin again

Yep the gift that just keeps on lying. Rat mouth Rudy redeux.  He’s back and deciding to run for Senate. YEEEEHAWWW!!!

We met and talked with Kate Johansson who is launching a new show on KLAY Saturdays from noon to one PM called Dog Talk. Break a leg Kate.

Frank “the traveler”??????

It’s a most unusual day on Equal Time. The second half of the show, Frank does while driving. We talk to  newly elected UP City Council member Eric Choiniere. We talk about putting terrorists on trial, and what IS, and what is NOT terrorism. The county budget process and a simple streetlight. Is a functioning community center being “cheap-sold” to a CHURCH???? If so, why?

Our post election expert analysis

This week we talk about all the shootings all across the country and wonder what the HELL has happened to our country. We also delve into the wild and sometimes wonderful world of  an off-year election.

Rapid fire candidate call in, and Pierce County Sheriff Paul Pastor

OK, we’re stepping out on a limb. Our show will be depending on DEMOCRATIC candidates calling the show at random to hawk their campaigns without formally booking them.

Sheriff Paul Pastor is scheduled to discuss the proposed budget with us from 12:30 to 12:45. Other than THAT, we’ll be taking calls from our favorite Dems. tramadol 50mg provigil without prescription online phentermine buy phentermine tramadol no prescription xanax online tramadol online buy tramadol buy xanax phentermine no prescription