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Site Maintenance and Cleanup

If you are experiencing some unstable viewing here, it is because we are currently combing through the files here and doing some clever cleanup.  It shouldn’t be long.

Podcasting upgrades

I have been playing around with the podcasting feature here.  It came to my attention that people were unable to play the show using iPhone, iPad, iPod, or Android because the player was using Flash.  I don’t intend to bore you with technicalities here, but Flash is so 2008.

I just replaced the Flash player with HTML5 that will fall back to Flash if you are using a browser that doesn’t support the HTML5 player.  This way,  everyone can get it.

I am also looking into putting the show up on iTunes. tramadol 50mg provigil without prescription online phentermine buy phentermine tramadol no prescription xanax online tramadol online buy tramadol buy xanax phentermine no prescription