Advertise on The Radio!

Have you ever considered advertising your business or service on the radio but thought that it might be too expensive?

This is probably true for most radio stations, unless you wanted your ad to run in the middle of the night.

But here at Equal Time, our show runs during the noon hour on Fridays so you would get access to a much larger demographic for less than the price you would expect to pay in the wee early morning hours.

Why don’t we charge more?

Unlike other radio stations and shows, our overhead consists only of the cost to use the studio for an hour. Our hosts do not collect a salary, nor are they raising any money for an organization. We are only advertising to pay for the studio time — and that’s it.

By advertising with Equal Time Radio, you not only get the on-air radio spots, you would also get free advertising right here on this website at no extra cost.

If you are interested in a quote, feel free to fill out the handy form below, and join the following sponsors that advertise here at Equal Time Radio.