ETR Radio Show- March 15, 2013

  • Our Man on the Floor of the House Rep Steve Kirby (D-29) calls to give us an update on the bills that are actually passing. In the House. Not that many. BUT there are some good bill making it through the House.
  • Senator Feinstein swats the junior Senator from ……wait for it….  Texas Ted Cruz.
  •  The beleaguered little city has been under attack from it’s Mayor almost to the point of not existing. Tracey Apata joins us to talk about how this happened and what citizens and business owners are doing to try to fix this mess. This story is the very reason why we, on Equal Time, stress how vital it is for ALL citizens to pay more attention to those they choose to vote for.
  •  Scott Prouty is an American treasure. He is the bartender who recorded mitt’s remarks at the Florida fundraiser. This smart, modest man virtually changed the course of the last Presidential election by letting mitt’s remarks speak for themselves. WOW, what a story!