It’s official! Randi Rhodes is going back on the air May 11th! She is being syndicated by Premier Radio Networks. She’s going to be broadcasting from Washington DC!!!Read the “Green 960” announcement HERE. Of course her detractors will LOVE to point out that Premier syndicates the rightest of the right. SO WHAT!!!! They are a successful radio business, something NO left wing radio outfit can say. The best radio show hosts like say, Peter B Collins are off the air. Folks like Hartmann have left AAR because AAR is being run into the ground AGAIN by amateurs. Mike Malloy, like him or NOT is relegated to self-syndication and podcast sales to try to survive. I KNEW Randi, being the radio professional that she IS, was working a deal with real, adult radio professionals to do it RIGHT this time, NOT relying on some cobbed-together mess of nuts and fools.Welcome back Randi,you were SORLEY missed!