NOVAM dead “On Second Thought” having second thoughts?

Is this the future of progressive talk radio?


Due to some bizarre business practices, NOVAM blew up. It was “acquired” by a doctor after their top talent and main draw Randi Rhodes went away. Some Randi-haters have said that she “brought it on herself” which is bullflop, the owners of NOVAM went on a firing spree and dumped LOTS of folks, some of whom are suing,  stopped paying the bills and unfortunately one of them had some sort of breakdown. ( I wish him and his family well)

Some doctor by the name of Mike Newcomb apparently bought the “network” and rather than re-instate Randi and promote the thing wound up NOT paying the rent on his flagship station in Phoenix with the result pictured above.Stephen Lemons of  The Phoenix New Times published an article on this whole sordid mess.

So. The net result of the firings, lawsuits, nervous breakdowns, bankruptcy, name-change and chained-up radio stations is that ONE of America’s top liberal talents no longer HAS a show, another is trying to self- syndicate and Randi’s “replacement” reads a paragraph of MY post NATIONWIDE out of context, making me look liks a “guy who hates EVERYBODY” and I damn well resent it.

One thing is clear. (NOT channel) If liberal talk radio is going to continue to exist, there needs to be a concerted effort to gather a consortium of “rich liberal” investors to finance it, and they should hire radio PROFESSIONALS to manage it. There are just too many instances where good-intentioned, but inexperianced people buy networks as a kind of hobby and run it into the ground, and the talent WITH it.


BOTH NOVAM AND On Second Thought websites are down. Are BOTH Mike Malloy and Nancy Skinner without a gig? Can Malloy really self-syndicate?  I think he CAN, can Nancy? Jeeze I don’t know. Will Randi pop up somewhere? I HOPE so. Jeeze what a mess!