NOVAM Dead, Randi Rhodes Show gone — For Good?

The drama continues to spin out of control at NOVAM. Apparently, NOVAM founder Sheldon Drobny has been hospitalized after either a suicide attempt or a nervous breakdown. A press release from Randi Rhodes’ lawyer reads:

Randi Rhodes’ on-air home for less than a year will shut its doors.  In an email message of February 17th from counsel for Nova M Radio, Inc. to Randi’s entertainment attorney, Robert V. Gaulin, the company is said to have been advised to file for bankruptcy protection next week.  All payroll deposits were reversed on Tuesday, leaving Nova’s employees unpaid for the past two weeks.  On Sunday, Nova received a letter from Mr. Gaulin asserting that the contract with Ms. Rhodes was terminated due to material breaches and other reasons.  Ms. Rhodes had not broadcast for over a week prior to this time, a situation which was diplomatically referred to as a “problem” that was solely within Nova’s control to solve.  A few days earlier, Sheldon Drobny, founder of Nova M, and a co-founder of Air America Radio, attempted suicide and is hospitalized in Chicago.

Mr. Gaulin indicated on Randi’s behalf that “We saw this coming, but are most saddened by the tragic news regarding Sheldon Drobny.  Randi is devastated by the impact of these events upon her fiercely loyal audience, affiliates and sponsors.  Discussions are already being conducted for Randi’s swift return to the air.  Stay tuned…”

Thank you

Robert V. Gaulin

I seriously doubt that an attorney would release a bunch of lies or claptrap. I hope that Randi finds a home soon. All that being said, there are a couple things that liberal radio owners don’t seem to GET. They invest and buy a network. Then they just let it sit there. No marketing, no promotion, no talent development no business acumen. I don’t know how these people get rich, but it AIN’T by doing things the way they do once they buy a network. I keep seeing postings on blogs that say that rich liberals should start buying radio stations and whole networks and produce their own shows. Sounds good, but they need to have SOMEone running the thing who knows about radio and how it works. JEEZE, this is frustrating