The monster McCain/Palin created

I have watched the McCain/Palin campaign devolve from bumbling and stumbling to a wretched attempt to paint Barack Obama as a traitorous Muslim terrorist. And,as usual, it seems to be having the desired effect. Oh, not as in actually winning the election, but ramping up their base into a hate-filled lynch mob, yelling “terrorist, traitor, kill him!!”.

McCain’s campaign was floundering when they picked an unknown Alaska governor as his running mate. She said all the right things at the RNC. She was smirky, smarmy and disrespectful and of course, lied her ASS off. She was an instant hit with the neo-con base. She is pretty and has a cute (for a while) accent, giving her that perky, feisty attitude. Her in-your-face speech gave the dull and lifeless McCain a real boost, both with money AND excitement among  the far right wing of her party. She was an instant rock star, drawing thousands where before a few hundred was thought to be a big crowd. But then things changed.

Sarah Palin did a couple interviews with news “anchors”. Despite being asked simple, softball questions, she showed herself to be little more than a light-weight beauty queen without a grasp on basic current events or any qualifications to hold ANY elected office. Then the economy tanked. Nobody connected to their campaign could form a cogent sentence about what to do to fix it. The surrogates kept sticking their feet in their mouths, and were forced out. Their poll numbers began slowly sinking. So what to do? McCain hired the whole rove crew, the same bunch who used scorched-earth tactics against him, his wife and even his adopted daughter in 2000. Of course, they suggested using a smear and fear based series of speeches to instill doubt and discourage independent voters about Barack Obama. Palin started blathering about Obama’s “associations” with unrepentant domestic terrorists over and over. Mccain made comments  accusing Obama of lying about these”associations” and whipping the crowds into frothing at the mouth hate mongers. Fox news “commentators” and right-wing radio entertainers screamed about Obama the terrorist traitor insinuating that he is a Muslim and an Arab terrorist hell bent on the destruction of our country.HERE’S an example of what unfettered control of talk radio, a lazy (and corrupt) media and egging on the vilest reptilian nature of people who are prone to hate those with whom they disagree. My better nature and my experience tells me that the crowd you see spitting out mouthfuls of bile are otherwise decent honest people who are caught up (and pissed off) in a losing campaign and a changing political landscape.

At BEST the McCain/Palin campaign has been erratic and incoherent. There are no cogent policy platforms. Sarah Palin as a VP choice looked good……at first, but personally, she has more issues than National Geographic, she has been cited for abuse of power in Alaska, and she has made an ass of herself every time she’s off-script. McCain is presenting himself as an angry,erratic, bitter old man who won’t look at his opponent in the debates. It has reached a point where McCain has to try to cool the rhetoric at his own rallys. HERE’S a countdown report on a recent rally in Minnesota  where things got out of control and the crowd turned on their own candidate.

There is an increasing concern within the structure of the GOP about the erratic nature of the McCain/Palin campaign. HERE’s one article, and HERE’s another (with some overlap) stating concern for the GOP campaigns. At THIS point, there must be fear that the incoherent nature of the top of the ticket could drag the the down ticket (house/senate and state and local races) into the morass with them. With 250,000 homes families having their homes forclosed on per MONTH, millions of jobs lost every year, major American corporations failing everyday, they want to talk about abortion. They want to shift the message to “associations”. *sigh*

I am going to step out on a limb here. I am predicting a massive landslide Obama victory. I believe that despite a massive election fraud in the form of voter caging and “purging” of Democratic voters in districts in key states, the numbers will be overwelming. There are stories of administration plans for civil unrest and placement of Army units and possible martial law. Scary stuff. IF they try to “pull” something there WILL be civil unrest,a magnitude of which nobody could anticipate, not bush not anyone. Depending on how they handle the massive political defeat, this COULD put republicans out of power for generations. Even that possibility saddens me. A respectful opposition is good for our country. It’s just that there is SO little respect within the GOP,for both our country and it’s citizens.