McCain’s short memory,and throwing people under the “straight-talk” express

John McCain has a short memory AND he thinks we are stupid. A couple weeks ago he was shouting about “Acorn destroying the very fabric of our democracy”. OOOOPS, this story is about John the ejector praising Acorn for being”About what makes America special”. His latest hissy-fit was delivered on Larry King about some stupid tape the LA Times supposedly has with Obama at some party that included a guy the”ejector” says COULD be a terrorist. OOOPS, McCain chaired a republican board that gave this guy’s organization a half-million dollars. Read about it HERE. So what IS it John? Did YOU give a terrorist a half mil because YOU support terrorism? OR is this yet ANOTHER made-up crock of…..stuff to scare people into thinking Barack is something he is NOT! Do you (the GOP) think we are ALL stupid? Do you think we can’t look this…….stuff UP?

John McCain’s economic plan is to borrow ANOTHER trillion dollars from….goodness knows who and give it to the richest people in the country, deregulate more and stay in Iraq for as long as possible. He wants to tax medical benifits as income and cut medicare and medicaid by a trillion dollars to pay for it. His bus is FULL of lobbyists and his inner circle is a who’s who of the monsters who ground our country into the mud. Maverick? Reformer? Next time you see him on TV, look at his eyes. Just look at his eyes, they are the window to his soul, there’s nobody home. He thinks you’re stupid. He COUNTS on you being stupid. It’s his only chance.