McCain’s associations and judgement cause world economic crisis

I’ve written about Sen McCains associations and the result of his zeal for deregulation. McCain is NO maverick. This has been pointed out by a lot of pundits and commentators. The McCain campaign is morally bankrupt and devoid of a plan or any ideas. They HAVE a plan for economic recovery, tax cuts and MORE deregulation. Let’s see……. bush pushed through two TRILLION dollars in tax cuts for corporations and the rich and appointed clueless cronies to head regulatory agencies and used lobbyists for those interests to act as “regulators” and we are seeing the result now.

McCain professes to be a maverick. Politicians will say what they think people want to hear to get elected, such is the nature of the business. BUT McCCain complaining about greed and lack of oversight in today’s depression is like saying “Who crapped my pants!!”. McCain has a LONNNG history as a neo-conman. There is a video that every American should watch in order to get the FACTS about his judgement. It’s about thirteen minutes long and worth every second of your time. Check it out HERE.