Colin Powell endorses Barack Obama because he’s…….BLACK???

On Last Sunday, Colin Powell endorsed Barack Obama. The interview on CBS Meet the Press was a real blow to McCain/Palin. Of course the right-wingers, at least the few left who haven’t AL:SO endorsed Obama are saying that Sec Powell did it because of…. well, to quote Pat Buchanan, for “tribal” reasons. HERE’S limbaughs’ predictable take. Predictable AND disgusting.

HERE’S why General Powell di it ,according to HIM. He goes WAYYY out of his way to explain to Mr “Bwokaww” that race was NOT a consideration, he listed in a VERY thoughtful manner his concerns not only with McCain’s erratic behavior during the financial crisis AND for using Sarah Palin as VP. There are other factors he mentioned like THIS, and THIS,THIS (JAYsus, look at those eyes!)and of course THIS. The thing that Buchanan and limbaugh don’t get is that Colin Powell’s endorsement of Senator Obama was also an indictment of the Republican party as well. He used the word “narrowing” several times, as in narrow minds maybe? Mr Powell joins a long list of conservatives who can’t seem to figure out what the hell McCain is doing, or what their party has become. David Geregen said after the last debate what McCain should do the next day. He said “It beats the hell out of me” Me too Mr Gergen.