CBS 60 minutes nails the Wall Street swindle

The network that gave us perky Katie Couric as a news anchor and a fluff piece on Blackwater has just aired a piece on what exactly happened to our now-failed economic system. In about twelve minutes they explained in no uncertain terms how a few economic maggots lied, cheated and stole our economic future. The piece went into detail about the mortgage mess, how the tycoons (tyLOONS?) bundled a bunch of loans they KNEW would go bad together and sold them off to unwitting and REALLY stupid investment entities around the world. They even explained “credit default swaps”, no easy feat considering that most Americans don’t understand how a checkbook works. They went into how unregulated “shadow” markets worked and the fact that the whole damn risk was kept secret from those fool enough to buy the crap they were selling. And ALL in twelve minutes. EVERY American should be forced to watch this piece. So let’s start now. Check it out HERE. Thanks Mr Kroft and those who produced this, it even helped a guy like ME gain an understanding of what happened to us at the bloody hands of these domestic economic terrorists.