What does John McCain stand for? Part two

So what does John McCain stand for? Apparently a LOT of people want to know because that post we wrote a while back seems to be getting a lot of hits lately. It’s kind of hard to pin him down by listening to him speak. So, I decided to do an update.

OK, here goes. Where does John McCain stand on the economy? There is an article HERE that could shed some light. His chief economic adviser has been (and probably still IS) ex-Texas senator Phil Gramm. Because of HIS legislation de-regulating energy and banking concerns, our economy is at the brink of total meltdown. John McCain claims to be against regulation and has offered more tax cuts and to set up a “commission” to find out what happened……..OK. A “commission” is politi-speech for “I’m going to get a group of the people who caused this problem together and claim they are studying the problem, get the problem out of the news cycle, and continue doing what they claim to be studying, and look like a reformer without actually changing anything”. Whew!

John the reformer? He claims to be an agent of change and a reforming maverick. Take a look at who is running and advising his campaign. Here’s a good graphic depicting who surrounds him. He claims to be on a crusade to clear out the K street crew. He already did. They are running his campaign. Are they supporting him to put themselves out of business?

Where does the war-hero stand on veterans issues? THIS is the short answer. John McCain gets about 68 thousand a year for his service AND free medical care. I have NO problem with that. BUT he continues to use other vets as a backdrop and votes against THEM getting the well-deserved benefits HE enjoys.

THEN there’s the……truthiness issue. He just can’t seem to stop lying. HERE’s the latest count. HERE’S Senator McCain telling a WHOLE bunch of really big whoppers to a guy in Maine. Here’s yet ANOTHER piece written about the issue of McCain’s lies.He is even starting to lie about the number of people attending his rallies, check it out HERE. As a matter of FACT, poor old John can’t draw FLIES without his running mate.

So there you have it, I’ve done my best to not be TOO hyperbolic.But that’s where he stands…..for now. But as we’ve found, that could change.OFTEN.


*sigh* There’s more….A day after yet ANOTHER TWO huge brokerage and insurance corporations fail, two days after a hundred fifty year old bank that survived the civil war, at least two depressions, the first AND second world wars went bankrupt, thirty five thousand stock brokers and banking executives are thrown out onto Wall street, McCain declares that our “economic fundamentals are sound”. THEN he literally expresses TWO different positions on the same issue  within an hour. See it HERE. McCain has stated hundreds of times for DECADES that he is a “de-regulator” but NOW…..read about his latest flip-flop HERE. McCain’s campaign is becoming …..well HERE’S a typical day. I’m not smart enough to tell anyone who to support in ANY election. IF you are a McCain supporter, just please do so with your eyes (and mind) open.