Bruce Lachney for Pierce County Council

OK OK, I know I’m behind on my posting. It’s summer and I’ve been up to my fetlocks with other projects. But I couldn’t wait any longer to post about Bruce Lachney. Bruce is running for Pierce County Council. I admit that we usually concentrate on national and statewide issues and candidates, but this guy presented so well and knew the issues AND solutions to the problems his district faces that I felt compelled to go the extra step. You can listen to the interview HERE. If you live in Pierce County, you owe it to yourself to check out his site HERE. Mr Lachney is an outstanding community activist and actually does the work. He also learns quick and knows what he’s talking about. Refreshing. LOL, I actually caught myself  laughing a  couple times during this interview. Not because there was anything particularly funny being said, but because this guy is SO far superior to the lackey currently occupying that seat, I can’t believe there is any doubt who SHOULD be doing the work for that district. In politics, as with any other endeavor, there are those who bloviate and serve their own best interests, and those who quietly do the work and make things happen for the good of the people. Mr Lachney fits into the latter category. Give him money and your vote.