August 29th 2008


  • Shameful Democratic convention coverage
  • PUMAs my ASS, yet ANOTHER made-up media fallacy
  • In SPITE of corporate media meddling, it’s a GREAT time to be a Democrat
  • Happy birthday McCranky AND hurricane Katrina
  • Happy Labor day
  • The Biden story
  • Local African American women’s reaction to Obama speech and perspective on MLK “I have a dream” anniversary
  • They (right-wing “religious” wackos) prayed for rain in Denver and NOLA gets it
  • 18 month Alaska Governor gets GOP VP nod-Sarah WHO?
  • More FBI agents in Alaska investigating Republicans than there are in DC
  • Dark Dick and Cindy McCranky go to Georgia
  • Rove in Yalta Y’all
  • World war III to elect McCranky and Palin???