Phil Gramm, McCain advisor,domestic economic terrorist, “Christan” AND pornography investor

Phil Gramm has brought our country to it’s knees. (No porn-pun intended) He has single-handedly disemboweled all regulatory control over the energy markets, which brought us the Enron debacle and our currant oil crisis. He was instrumental in the process that is responsible for the mortgage crisis and the resulting death of real estate and the daily failure of our nation’s biggest banks. Read about it HERE.

After HE caused all of THAT, millions of Americans are suffering the loss of their houses, their jobs and their ability to travel to look for NEW jobs, “flatulent-phil” accuses US of being a nation of whiners. OH, and we’re all mental cases. All the economic disaster we all face (but not HIM, WE taxpayers will bail HIS banking customers out) is all in our heads.  Ya see? Phil and the bush family and all the rest of the leeches who we will never hear about that are actually PROFITING from this global economic disaster HE is responsible for claim to be more MORAL than the rest of us. After all, GAWD MUST want them to be rich because they are morally,genetically and racially superior to us hoard of unwashed masses who will pick up the tab for them.It turns out that old moral phil invested in a couple of pornographic stroke movies. Read about it HERE. But you will notice that the titles are MORAL because they are about good American truckers and *gag* the nixon white house. PRAISE JESUS!!!

Even someone as tone-deaf and stupid as old blinky McCAin is trying to distance his stumbling campaign from this monster. JEEZE, who’s next john? He has jettisoned half of the lobbyists from his staff at least in public. We can all rest assured that IF the media and corporate America (there’s a difference???) get their way, leeches like gramm will be in positions of power to finish off what’s left of our once-proud and great nation. GAWD help us, THEY won’t.