Peter Goldmark for Public lands Commissioner

This week we interviewed Peter Goldmark, a Democrat running for Commissioner of public lands. Dr Goldmark is a well educated man who is also a farmer/rancher from Okanogan in eastern Washington. You can read about Peter’s background and experience HERE. Dr Goldmark is a soft-spoken man,very knowledgeable and experienced in how to best manage our state’s varied and complex issues. From sustainable farm and logging practices to water quality and shoreline protection, Dr Goldmark is absolutely the right choice for this most important position. If there were ever any doubt as to the consequences  of allowing a big corporation to engage in dangerous practices, HERE is one story.

There is a delicate balance between regulating business out of business and allowing safe and sustainable practices that allow commerce to flourish. No one understands this concept better than a farmer. We have interviewed a lot of elected officials and folks running for office. Dr Goldmark is one who knows the issues AND knows how to address those issues. The citizens of this state would be lucky to have a guy like him managing their land. He’s an impressive guy, we urge you to listen to what he has to say HERE, and judge for yourself.