Happy Indepenence Day

Aside from the Brots and burgers, the mattress sales and the drunken pyrotechnics July fourth also is a day we celebrate the signing of the document that shook the world. Our forefathers broke ties with the kingdom who ruled them and at great personal peril. The second they signed the parchment they were traitors who could be hanged.They were brave and bold men who cherished their liberty and fought for it with a zeal that impressed the world. Most of the original signers wound up dead or died in abject poverty without ever seeing their families again.

In this day of instant gratification, we think we are making a grand sacrifice if we walk to the store once in a while. We suffer the shredding of our constitution and take solace by watching our TVs as the talking heads tell us that as long as we do what we are told, we will be safe. We cower at the prospect of bearded brown people killing us in our sleep and sacrifice our liberty and freedom as we sit behind deadbolt locks gripping our guns and waiting….waiting for the attack our leaders keep telling us could happen at any second despite the their professed superior ability to keep us safe. *sigh*

This extraordinary document bears reading and if you haven’t read it in a while, see if you think it relates to what is happening to us at the hands of our modern day king george. I’m willing to bet the founders of our country would think of us as cowards for allowing our country to be once again usurped by a tyrant. Read it HERE.