GWOT goes to Iran…..Now WHERE’S bin slobbin?

Our dear leader’s GWOT (global war on terra) has played itself out in Iraq and so NOW, the focus is on Iran where there are NO Qeudas and no threat of attack on us, or anyone else. They have no “nukular” weapons or a program to BUILD any, so of COURSE that’s where we want our troops sent to find bin slobbin. (Remember HIM????) According to Sy Hirsh we have been conducting covert operations there for at LEAST three years. Read about it HERE. ( This is a REEEEEEELY long article, but well worth the time) As with everything else the bush crew has done over the last seven-plus years, this operation is ill-conceived, wrong, illegal, bad for the US economy and puts the US at risk globally. There is one little thing that gets left out of the mix, an issue that the media doesn’t talk about because MOST of the major “news” shows and cable networks are sponsored by the oil companies, is the second bush launches an attack either by OUR forces OR by Israel as a surrogate, the price of a barrel of oil will reach 400 dollars. So, how does twenty dollar a gallon gas strike ya? Will it be worth the “shock and awe” images on TV?

As has been well documented, the rats who planned and carried out the attacks of 9/11 are in PAKISTAN! But the factions in our own government and the lame “diplomatic” mess condi oversees, we are again unable to pull our forces together enough to actually capture or kill the fundamentalists who actually pose a threat to our country. Read about it HERE.

So what bush is doing is (as usual) the wrong thing in the wrong place for the wrong reason and lying about it. IF our forces were able to stop acting like a combination of the Keystone Cops and the three Stooges, IF the factions in our government could learn to stop acting like three year olds and IF the American people gave a damn about ANY of this, we COULD capture or kill those who hurt us and enabled bush to do whatever he wants to us. We would, of course have the support of the world. IF these imbeciles attack Iran, THEY would have the support of China and Russia and most of Europe. WE would have the support of…….Israel, for a while. Sadly, and with fear for the globe, I honestly believe bush will attack Iran. I’ll explain why I think this in another post. For NOW, I’ll prey to whatever GAWD there is that I am wrong.