Things you will NEVER hear on Equal Time

I posted a piece a while back about the right wing and where their petty, putrid little minds go. You can refresh your memory HERE. It amazes and sickens me when I think of all the stuff that gets broadcast on big sticks (Powerful radio towers) all around our great country. Just when you think the worst words and phrases have been uttered, just when you think there CAN’T be anything lower or more guttural muttered by the fetid “commentators” SOMEone digs below the bottom of the septic tank. That someone is micheal reagan. I’ll post the link HERE. Just a warning, get the kids out of the room when you watch this. I really vacillated about posting this tripe here, I wrote about it on another blog. (mine) But I decided to do it for two reasons. It has to do with my beloved radio business, and second, because people have to know what is being passed along as political commentary in this country. And besides, I wanted to assure our wonderful listeners that WE don’t say crap like that on our show, our minds don’t GO there.