Ten second debate, Veterans and Military Famlies for Progress

After many weeks of a hard fought Democratic primary campaign (which we have said VERY little about) the three of us engaged in a spirited ten second debate. Now it’s time to hug each other and make up so that we can work together to save our country from the dark, sinister forces of evil that threatens to destroy what’s left of our once proud and respected nation. HERE’S the link. The stakes are literally that grave. Now breath with me; In with the butterflies, out with the bumblebees……
We also had a chat with the president of the Washington State chapter of Veterans and Military Families for Progress, Bob Rudolph. These are great people who serve those who have served US. Check out their national site HERE.
We also talked about the oil futures leeches and the agency that is supposed to oversee and regulate them. Check out their site HERE.