Pssst! Hillary, dude, it’s over

The Democratic primary is FINALLY over and Senator Barack Obama has prevailed. Read about it HERE,His was a gracious and inspiring speech that praised his opponent and her work on issues that have made our country a better place for ALL of us. He addressed over thirty thousand in the venue that will host the GOPers later this summer. He talked about McCranky and the disastrous policies his party espouses that have brought our country to it’s knees. My daughter and I sat together watching history being made. It was very exciting evening…..until Senator Clinton spoke. We watched and she was building and building and then she said “I will be making no decisions tonight.” We looked at each other with our mouths agape. She congratulated the Obama campaign and then said THAT.Check it out HERE. OK. The fact remains that Senator Obama has the delegates necessary to clinch the nomination, he was then placed in the uncomfortable position of declaring a much deserved and hard-fought victory without his opponent conceding. NOW, it looks like he is going to be forced into approaching his unsuccessful opponent, hat in hand, to ask her to convince her supporters to join him in blocking McCranky from finishing our country off. Bizarre. At SOME point our country, our party and our very existence as a NATION has to be considered by Senator Clinton and her supporters. I hope that IF those considerations are important to her, she do something SOON to unite our party against the dark, sinister forces that have US on the verge of total collapse. Bill and Hillary Clinton are REALLY smart and good people, and so are those who supported her. I pray that they can channel their disappointment and anger toward the GOPers and NOT toward the nominee.