Dennis Kucinich makes his case for impeaching bush

Yesterday (6/09/08) Dennis Kucinich (D-OH) spent over four hours laying down a case for the impeachment of bush. Read about this HUGE story HERE. You can read this extraordinary document HERE. This bush crew has literally gotten away with murder under the noses of both GOPer AND Democratic congresses. Nancy Pelosi has been a chump for the bush bastards and done their dirty work FOR them in that she has allowed them to go about their evil business and has by her weakness and cowardly silence,enabled them. If she thinks this is good for the country OR the Democratic party, she is as jaded in her congressional bubble as bush himself. There is a train of thought that there are Dems in congress who knew about ALL of these attacks on our constitution AND we as citizens. There are things that transcend personal political careers, like the very soul of our nation and the soul of civilization itself.

There comes a time when we as Americans MUST express our outrage to our elected officials. NOW is one of those times. As an American citizen, I would ask YOU to call Rep Kicinich and tell his office that we support his resolution, HERE’S his contact information. THEN, you HAVE to call your congressman to express (respectfully, of course) your support for this resolution. Let them know you are serious about our laws and that NO man is above the law, not even a bush.The soul of our nation is at stake as well as our ability to sleep at night.