Today’s show left us……well, speechless

Anyone who knows me, or listens to our show KNOWS that not even a case of lockjaw can keep me from talking. Today, Skip Dreps from the Northwest Chapter of Paralyzed Veterans of America presented and read a resolution from the board and membership making Audrey, Traci and I honorary members of their fine veterans service organization. It is with no small amount of pride and humility we accept this honor from the brave fighting men and women in this fine organization. Words failed me today,and we thank you and ALL veterans and active duty military for your service and keeping us safe. We are proud to have earned your sponsorship and support,and rest assured that we will continue to fight for the rights of ALL soldiers and their families to be treated with dignity and due respect. You can download the show HERE.

We also had a visit from our Senator Patty Murray (D-WA) this week. Senator Murray has been the best friend veterans have in the Senate. We talked about The VA and the “discrepancy” in the estimates of suicide attempts among our veteran population. Senator Murray told us about a bill pending that would help slow the astounding rate of suicide and also the new GI bill proposed by Senator Jim Webb (D-Virginia). This bill has 56 co-sponsors from both parties and divergent Senators like Bernie Sanders (I-VT) and leiberman (I- CT).

There was a remarkable piece of legislation signed by bush called Wild Skies. This sets aside over 160,000 acres of lowland wilderness in our state forever. It took Senator Murray and a host of others nine years of negotiation to accomplish this feat.

Toward the end of our interview with Patty Murray, she praised our efforts to help veterans and their families. Well, there we were speechless again.This was an informative and emotional show. No matter what we will continue advocating for service men and women. Like we said, this is NOT a Democratic OR Republican issue, it is an American issue.