Senator Maria Cantwell joins us this week, thanks for all you do Maria

This week, we were honored to have Senator Maria Cantwell (D-WA) join us. We talked about upcoming hearings on the oil futures market and their effect on the price of oil.HERE’S
a direct link to the show. Read about the issue HERE. We hearkened back to the hearing when then chairman Ted Stevens ( really old guy-Alaska) refused to swear-in his friends in the oil biz.We talked about the veto-proof passage of the farm bill, and how it will help people keep food on our tables.
We also talked about the GI Bill sponsored by Jim Webb and their planned consolidation of THAT bill and Maria’s “GI Bill for life” bill to help our vets when they come home. (FINALLY)
Maria relates the story of how she helped get a film crew out of Nigeria after they were detained for no apparent reason. Read about it HERE.
We are proud of Maria and the work she does to keep us safe from energy predators, and when they DO screw us, to hold them accountable. Keep up the good work Maria, we will soon be sending you an adult, LUCID president to work with. We can only imagine the good work you will be able to do then.