Right wing-nuts or What we’re up against

It’s no secret that talk radio is loaded with right wing hacks all around the country. To SOME of us it is also no secret that the vast majority of these over-paid GOP mouth pieces are really quite stupid. They parrot talking points produced daily by conservative “think tanks” like the heritage foundation. Some say that Hannity can’t get through a segment without a WHOLE bunch of this kind of material right in front of him. Despite what the Clinton campaign may say about fox news, they might not be the kinds of people one might want to be associated with. They say that if you lay down with dogs, you get up with fleas…..or Nazis. Here’s a report on a good friend of sean’s, the “association” thing sean likes to drag Sen Obama through. Nice guy. He’s on fox cable and over 500 radio stations,polluting the PUBLIC airwaves with his mindless attack drivel.
There are quite a few young ideologues with good hair and not much under it, like KRLA’s Kevin Jamison. Now here’s a guy broadcasting on a major market radio station with a big stick. (powerful transmitter) Someone decided to allow him to go on a major cable news show, Spitball with Chris “the spitter” Mathews armed with nothing besides a “key phrase”, appeaser, in regard to a statement made by bush in Israel. Poor Kevin, all he was supposed to do was call Barak Obama an appeaser as many times as possible, but Mathews was having none of it.Kevin yelled over Chris and screeched “APPEASER” several times and Chris finally had enough. He tried many times in vain to get this sneering screechy kid to tell us what Neville Chamberlain did wrong….. but he didn’t KNOW. Watch the poor kid get his ass handed to him HERE. Remember, this spiky-haired sneering kid is broadcasting in a major US media market, and represents what right-wing radio is all about;Get the talking points out and smear, smear and sneer.
Just when you think you’ve seen the bottom of the septic tank,someone gets a shovel and starts digging. Mike Savage (some folks call him mikey weener) is known for his rotten mouth,hateful “commentary” and reich-wingers LOVE him. But the very DAY it was announced that Ted Kennedy had a brain tumor, the weener went into production. He came up with a piece of inhumane garbage that defies basic human decency. If you have a strong stomach see it HERE. The crap that went out over the PUBLIC airwaves that day defies everything that supposedly separates us from animals. It was heard on over 500 RADIO STATIONS!!!
Mike Huckabee claims to be a man of GAWD. He is a genuine southern babtist,ordained minister.He professes to spread the gospel and spread the love of jesus. Well, HERE’S Mr love guy spreading SOMETHING at the NRA convention. A “joke” about someone aiming a gun at Barack Obama was SO loathsome that not even the camo-clad gun humpers at the NRA thought it was funny.
Kevin James is a pathetic,dumb guy who can be forgiven for those two reasons, he’s pathetic and dumb. Hannity can be forgiven because he is also a pathetic. Oxi-rush….well, I guess it’s the drugs and megalomaniac personality disorder. But Huckabee. This guy’s mind WENT there. He heard a noise and his mind went to someone pulling a gun on the black guy. This supposed christian went to a place so dark and evil that the people who laugh at a dying animal flopping around on the ground bleeding thought was in bad taste.He can try to laugh this off and do a mea culpa, but this is one twisted, warped creepy person who should just keep out of public and seek deep counciling and perhaps medication.
As for weener…. not only did this crap cross his mind, he had to PRODUCE it. He went into a studio with this idea and intentionally wrote it all out and edited it. He probably laughed when he played it back. THEN, it went out on the AIR. On over 500 radio stations. MILLIONS of people heard it and probably laughed too.
I can’t compete with all of this. I can’t make my mind GO to the dark, sinister,evil places where these “moralists” go. Not even for something as vitally important as the next election. So that’s what we’re up against. We, as liberal talk show hosts and the American people. Brace yourself, the moralists are coming.