John McCain loses his FIFTH top aid due to lobbiest activities

Yep,Tom Loeffler makes number five, FIVE people working for McCain’s campaign who have been forced out because they do lobbying work for dictatorships and other REALLY bad clients. Read the Wa Po article HERE. This run of forced exits from his flopping campaign speaks a volume or two about his judgment. Poor John must not be too concerned about who works for him, and must not be too careful about vetting them. MOST of the activities of these lobbyists have been to represent FOREIGN interests. From the Burmese military dictatorship to the Saudi royal dictatorship, the worst regimes on earth are well taken care of by John’s friends. Senator McCain claims to be well-versed on foreign policy and the ability to lead our military. He claims to have judgment and a maverick streak. So, what’s next? Are we going to find out that he has people working for him who advocate for Castro? Al-Queda? It would be nice if he had at least a couple people in his campaign who are DOMESTIC lobbyists. Maybe a nice asbestos or dioxin lobbyist. I admit that it makes me a little nervous knowing that a guy who obviously has NO idea who works for him or any concept of the vetting process COULD become the president. I am even MORE concerned that he doesn’t care.