Clinton,Obama…..the primary that wouldn’t die

Yesterday as the returns were coming in, North Carolina for Obama and Indiana (barely) for Clinton,Traci and I were on the phone to each other and I groaned that this darn primary reminds me of the Bill Murray movie “Ground hog Day”. It never ends. I have strong opinions about this situation that I won’t write about here, but I WILL say this: oxi-rush’s much self-touted plan to disrupt the Democratic process IS BS. IF he has such clout with the GOPers, Hillary would have won Indiana with a LOT more than a one point spread. Ya see, rush and I have a different take on Republicans. I don’t think Republicans are stupid. Although I am a Democrat, I know that the majority of Republicans are just as adversely affected by the bush/cheney policies as are the rest of us as Americans. THEY see a war for oil without end, THEY pay three times as much for gas as they did before bush, THEY see the ten trillion dollars borrowed from China and the Saudis,THEY know our skyrocketing food and fuel prices are largely the result of manipulation by commodity traders and hedge fund managers AND they know whose policies and deregulation caused all of this misery. THEY are having their jobs sent overseas, THEY know their kid’s schools are failing and falling apart, THEY are losing THEIR medical insurance and being foreclosed on by crooked banking and mortgage policies. THEY see the result of seven years of bush rule and they also see the need for change. Whether they vote for Clinton OR Obama, they realize that the only ones among them (Republicans) who are benefiting from these idiotic policies are the richest one percent.
In an interesting twist, despite McCain being the presumptive nominee, he only got between 73 and 75 % of the Republican votes. The other 25 % went to Huckaby and Ron Paul. Maybe oxi-rush should concentrate his efforts on convincing his listeners to vote for Republicans. heh heh heh