Bob Barr for president? YESSSS!!!!!

That’s right, Bob Barr is mounting a bid for the presidency. He quit the republican party a couple years ago because I guess they started doing stuff he didn’t like. Such as radically expanding government like no one else in history. They have spent us to the point of a massive depression, and de-valued the dollar to the point that oil is about to be universally traded in currency other than petro-dollars. They spy on us without warrants, torture people at will without reason and have just plain brought our country to it’s knees, all for money. OH and he HATES the war.

Bob Barr is everything a good republican could want in a candidate. He was the leader of the house impeachment team that got Bill Clinton. He was having an affair the whole time he was attacking Clinton and despite being publicly pro government-forced birth his FIRST wife said he forced HER to have one. We can only hope he can convince Ron Paul to be his running mate. The leadership in the GOP HATES him. Now that alone is reason for us to sing his praises. It might be a good idea to give Barr a few bucks to encourage him. Oxi-rush wants chaos? let’s send the GOP a Barr/Paul riot. heh heh heh