Randi’s gone….NO WAIT she’s BACK!!

Americas top-rated liberal radio talk show host Randi Rhodes chose to leave Air America Radio rather than let the owners of the flailing network re-negotiate her contract. The flap began last week when they suspended her show in response to some……remarks she made while doing a stand-up show in San Fransisco a couple weeks ago. A lot has been said about this whole flap but until now, we haven’t heard HER side of the story. She made a (brief) appearance on the OLD Larry King show. You can see the youtube of it HERE. Funny, Larry spent a WHOLE segment with glen schmeck blathering about “political correctness” and gave Randi three minuets. Randi also appeared with her new network Nova M on the Mike Malloy show guest hosted by Mike Maron.This is a more in-depth interview HERE. SO, she was set up, suspended, quit AAR and immediately found a new home on Nova m. I,of course am speaking for myself only, and I’ll write more about this on franksblog. The reason I wrote about this sensitive issue here is because it’s a fascinating radio story and this is a radio blog.