Randi’s back …..at ten bucks a month

I love Randi Rhode’s show.I always have. She quit AAR, I agreed with her decision. BUT when she was ON AAR, her show was available for podcast for FREE on a couple sites. NOW, she is on Nova M and her podcasts cost ten bucks a month. When Malloy got the hook and went on to help form Nova I thought it was a cool idea. HE started charging for his podcasts, and I didn’t DO it because his show wasn’t that important to me, but Randi’s IS. She IS nova and he comes with the package. The problem with our local affiliate is that they run her show from 6-9 PM. This presents me with a problem. I don’t listen to the radio at that time, and even if I DID, the signal fades to nothing after sundown AND KTPK has stupidly kept a contract with WSU,a collage clear across the state and they break into her show to do a boring “Cougar talk” show. The economy being what it is, already stretched budgets being what THEY are and knowing that show business is show business, I GUESS I understand what she’s doing. BUT I DO think she is being dismissive and cavalier and maybe even a bit……elitist. I want to keep listening. I like her show, and I know she’s happy being back with her friends, kool. I am torn as to whether I want to support this thing.I had a chance to listen for awhile before the signal went dead tonight and she was bragging about all the new sponsors that called THEM. And now we gotta pay to listen.
One thing I have always appreciated about Randi is accessibility. Her show was available for free podcasts on a couple sites, but no more. Her listening community is now a GATED community, and I’m not sure I can afford the key.