Limbaugh incites riots in Denver, FCC,FBI,Homeland Security silent

Last week oxi-rush displayed for ALL of us just how far a reich-wing goon can go with his declaration that the ultimate “strateegery” of his operation chaos is rioting and burning cars at the Democratic Convention this August in Denver. HERE’S a transcript of the call where not only does the oxi-one say he’s “dreaming” of riots in Denver, but when the caller (who is a COGENT Republican,they DO exist) suggests that the world would view us unfavorably if that happened, rusty said out loud “Oh screw it!! Screw the world”. Nice. Typical of the neo-con agenda. Here’s an article from the Denver Post where the Mayor of Denver says:”Anyone who would call for riots in an American city has clearly lost their bearings.” Yeah, probably lost his marbles as well Mayor. They must have drilled a bit too deep when they installed the cochlear implant to save the hearing that so many years of limbaugh’s oxicontin abuse destroyed.
There are a couple reasons we would never say something like that on our show. First is because MOST people either don’t or CAN’T think like that. We love our country and aren’t desperate or stupid enough to affect an election by advocating the sacrifice of an American city or ANY city to violence and destruction. A couple weeks ago, we interviewed Carl Wilkins, who witnessed the genocide in Rwanda. Hateful talk radio was used as a trigger for THAT hideous carnage. How many Timothy McVays ARE there who would start something like this? Only God (Satan!???) knows. Then there is the good old presidential directive 51. Slate’s take on this potential coup can be seen HERE. Say oxi-boy gets his “dream”, and there is chaos in the streets of Denver and maybe even demonstrations in other cities. Keep in mind that PD 51 triggers when bush/cheney SAYS it does. *shudder*
There is a supposed organization called “recreat68” that has supposedly making noise about making noise in Denver. I smell cointelpro.Chilling. Whatever the end game IS for the oxi-rush neotards, it is un-American, immoral and treasonous.AGAIN,typical of the neo-tard (NOT Republican!) agenda. Should we all email the FCC? Waste of time. We SHOULD,however, watch out who listen to and (I can’t BELIEVE I’m SAYING this) who we associate with. I also wonder how long WE would be on the air if WE advocated for rioting and arson at the GOPer convention. We’ll never know, because again, WE don’t think like that.