John McCain? Or John PROFANE?

It’s pretty well known that OLD John McCain has a bit of an anger control issue. After all, he was born a spoiled Navy brat and then the five year torture thing. It’s well known that he has issues with the foreign policy thing, you know, that problem with him saying over and over that al-Qaida is from Iran, singing about bombing Iran and then laughing….the usual stupid gaffes that are so common among neo-tards. But there are OTHER signs. Signs that he is unstable. Unstable to the point of not only being disqualified to BE president, but maybe even being free to walk among us. Raw story published a piece about this guy’s temper that every American should read. Check it out HERE. When a guy calls his wife the…..”C” word because she comments about his hair….in PUBLIC… front of a bunch of reporters, it gives the impression that he can’t control his actions. What the hell would happen if he went postal with someone like Putin, or the king of Saudi, or a reporter during a news conference? We have an unstable bumbling imbecile running the country NOW, and look at where it’s gotten us. The press is so cowed by ALL Republicans that they aren’t reporting on this most important facet of the personality of the presumed GOP nominee for president. Read this piece and pass it on. If the press won’t do it’s job, WE must.