Debate? Or irrelevent attempt at an ABC smackdown?

As someone very low on the totem pole of media, I was embarrassed by Gibson and Stephanopolis’s fox-fest last night. I watched the first hour and then turned to American Idol in disgust. I guess they FINALLY talked about relevant issues,but by then, I had left the building. The thing they (ABC) aired last night had the highest rating of the night, that means over ten million Americans tuned in hoping to be informed about Hillary and Barack. What we were treated to was a schlock-fest of the past few weeks, the candidates asked about flag pins, dodging snipers, pastors and sixties radicals. Check ABC’s site to get gripping commentary from people like Elisabeth Hasselbeck. She is just as insightful as ANY of the ABC crew in charge of this “debate”.
I guess the stoops in the head offices think we stupid Americans don’t care about issues like THIS, or THIS, or maybe even THIS.So I guess the pundits on the right can use their talking points. And so can ABC. Just don’t claim the lofty title of journalists, it cheapens the word.