Commodity traders,WTO,NAFTA strangle the globe’s food supply

This week we interviewed Cliff Bradley of Alternative Energy Resources Organization from the great big sky state of Montana. We talked about sustainable farm practices,using less or NO petro-chemicals. We asked about the drastic increase in food staples and it’s not necessarily what we are being told in the media. There are other issues than the price of fuel and ethanol production. They involve NAFTA,GATT, WTO and of course multi-national corporate profit. AERO’s website has a LOT of information about these and other issues HERE. The Nation has an excellent article about the failed global food policy (did I mention for PROFIT!!??) HERE. As a planet, we ain’t seen nothin yet. The conglomerates have only just begun manipulating our global food supply (did I mention for PROFIT!!??) that has destroyed whole country’s ability to grow their own food. If you love OPEC, you’ll LOVE the effect of these bastard’s manipulation of OUR food……..FOR PROFIT!!!!!