Carl Wilkins, the last American to leave Rwanda

Traci called me this morning to tell me about a piece she read in today’s paper. It was about the appearance of Carl Wilkins at a couple venues in town. He was doing missionary work in Rwanda, building schools and clinics in this poorest of poor nations in Africa. She traced down a contact and he agreed to call in our show tomorrow. (4/18/08). This is a truly remarkable story of doing God’s work at a time and in a place where the devil was doing his as well.
If you’ve seen the movie Hotel Rwanda you have a slight sense of what happened in that far away place that was abandoned by the world. Mr Wilkins stayed when everyone else left. Read about his story HERE. It is a story of desperate poverty, political upheaval with resultant slaughter of a LOT of people. We look forward to what Mr Wilkins has to say, and what lessons can be learned from his experience. Good catch Traci, this will be a powerful show.
UPDATE!! And it WAS. HERE’S the link