Why Democrats should NOT vote for John McCAin

This week on Equal Time, we discuss the distressing prospect of disgruntled Clinton or Obama supporters voting for mcCain if their candidate doesn’t get the nomination. Among the DOZENS of reasons we COULD have chosen we had to just pick a couple, it’s only an hour show. The idiotic statements he made while he was traveling in the middle east are VERY disturbing. You can read about it HERE.We pointed out that after FIVE years in Iraq, he STILL doesn’t know the difference between Sunni and Shea.THAT’S all we need right now, yet another president who has no idea who fights who in Iraq. We pointed out that McCain is bush….only senile.

What bush has done is only the beginning of what COULD be a four year disaster. For example the bush/cheney using the justice department as a political weapon. If you haven’t heard this story, check out the 60 minutes piece HERE. They spy on us, they lie to us they steal from us and they laugh at us. Is THIS the kind of message you want to send with a “protest” vote? To HELL with what is left of our country? REALLY?