Oxi-rush’s operation chaos…is it real? Is it working? Or MORE BS?

Ok I admit it. I listened to oxi-rush for about a half hour yesterday. I try to do that about once or twice a year, or as often as I can stand,so usually LESS often than that. If you are not familiar with limbaugh there is a pretty fair bio HERE. The two segments I listened to were dedicated to him (surprise,surprise) and his “operation chaos” strategy where he encourages his lemmings to cross party lines and vote for Hillary in the Texas and Ohio primaries. You can get a look at what he’s talking about HERE. Is this “strateegery” working? What does he think encouraging his moron listeners to vote for Hillary to accomplish? He insists that by supposedly prolonging the campaign between our Democratic candidates further tears our party apart. Look, I lost my fear of this drug-addled gas bag in 1996 when after his constant attacks on BOTH Clintons, had virtually NO effect on the election during that cycle. Bill Clinton was handily re-elected by a huge margin. Is this different? Are his minions actually DOING this?
The American people aren’t ALL stupid.I honestly believe that they will make their decision on whom to vote for based on what they think will be best for the country, NOT what they are told by some guy on the radio. There are various opinions on the “oxi-rush” effect. There is a post HERE that says his effect is minimal. The fox-owned WSJ has it’s take HERE.So IS “operation chaos” helping Hillary Clinton? Is it hurting Barack Obama? Is it destroying the Democratic party? OR, is rush just full of himself…….and other stuff?