Congressman Jay Inslee rocks the house

This week on Equal Time we had the honor of an interview with Congressman Jay Inslee (D-1). He announced that the house FINALLY passed a FISA bill WITHOUT retro-active immunity for the tele-coms that have let bush and his minions spy on us since BEFORE 9/11. He also talked a bit about the outrageous Airforce tanker deal with AIRBUS. You can hear his comments on his website HERE. Congressman Inslee also talked about the concept of super delegates and the possibility of a brokered convention. At the end of this arduous process, we Democrats HAVE to unify to keep the GOP from finishing this country off.

We also had a call from our friend Jerry from Puyallup who told us about an AFL-CIO website that shines some light on the REAL John McCain. You can check it out HERE. Starting this week, I’m going to be adding a link to each weeks show on a post. The reason I’m doing this is because some folks don’t notice the “show archives tab at the top of the page. So, you can download this weeks EqualTime right HERE.