Super (tossup) Tuesday

Stupor Tuesday produced pretty much of a tie among the Democratic faithful. The delegate count remains close enough that both the Clinton and Obama campaigns are still running strong. Read about it HERE. Both camps claim an advantage but a couple things are ringing clear. The Obama campaign CAN raise money. It seems that the Clinton donors are pretty much maxed out,so the Obama supporters are giving in near record numbers over the net. The Obama message is REALLY appealing to young folks. Many of Obama’s supporters are under thirty and very enthusiastic. They have the energy and motivation to actually go out and knock on doors and phone bank and show up at caucuses. They don’t have the millions that most Clinton donors have, BUT if you have a millions supporters who send twenty dollars each, you have twenty million dollars. HERE’S a story about how the two camps raise money.
Last week there were two rallies. One for Clinton, one for Obama. A source tells me that the Obama rally had an ethnically diverse, young crowd, and the Clinton rally had mostly old white people in attendance. This Saturday’s Washington state caucuses promise to be raucous and spirited. There is a lot of passion in BOTH camps. With Edwards out of the race, it seems that his supporters feel kind of at a loss as to whom they will commit their support. MY feeling is that Obama is more inspiring to those folks than Clinton. We’ll see. Which way am I leaning? Forward.
I have some advice for both campaigns. I don’t charge nothing for it, and it’s WORTH it too. First, Hillary needs to speak in softer tones. When she gets all excited, she sounds like a mad wife yelling at me. She instantly gains favor in the polls when she allows herself to appear human rather than a cold, calculating robot. As for Barack, he is an inspiring speaker. He has a message of hope and change. That’s swell. BUT, as I tell candidates I talk to, “specificity+do-ability= credibility”. Lofty speeches inspire, but good ideas win votes.