OK Dems……KNOCK IT OFF!!!!!!

I have said, and I firmly believe that I could support either candidate the Democrats nominate for president. I think bush has galvanized the whole country against the neo-tard agenda.They have shown by their actions that they can NOT be trusted with power. So, all that being said, the ONLY way we can lose the next election is to hammer ourselves into a gelatinous puddle of goo. Now, BOTH side have been throwing spears at each other lately. They have accused each other of stealing lines from other’s speeches, supporting NAFTA and sending jobs to Mexico and China. I was listening to my favorite radio show, Randi Rhodes today and she played some audio of some puke-bag union guy “introducing” Hillary Clinton at a rally in Ohio. I expect someone doing this to ramp up excitement for his chosen candidate. I even expect this guy to slam the GOPer running for prez. I GUESS I expect him to throw a couple jabs at her Democratic opponent. But THIS asshole went WAY beyond that, he slammed Obama in an ignorant tirade that would have made oxi-rush blush and THEN….he slammed Obama supporters as “all the latte-drinking, Prius- driving, Birkenstock-wearing, trust fund babies”. Nice. Thanks Mr pukebagger. I’d like to remind this festering boil on the ass of organized labor that these Obama supporters are DEMOCRATS!!! ASSHOLE! No wonder organized labor is dead in this country if THIS is what passes for leadership. This verbal flatulence wasn’t just an overzealous rant off the cuff. NO. This butthole was READING it from notes I assume he WROTE. If you have a strong stomach and a high tolerance for stupid, watch this pus bag spew his vomit HERE.
Listen, I have seen overbearing supporters from BOTH the Clinton AND Obama camps. Like I said, it’s OK to support your candidate.Go ahead, extol their strengths and point out the opponent’s weaknesses. But do your country a favor. Leave the opposition’s supporters OUT of it. Keep your rhetoric focused on FACTS. If you don’t KNOW the facts…. READ!What the “surrogates” are actually doing is using a bunch of SHIT the right-wing is using and drummed-up and MADE-up drivel the media uses to get stupid people to watch their BS “pundit” shows.
The independents and thinking disillusioned,burned out republicans are looking for someone (ANYONE but mcCain) to support in the next election. It’s our JOB to prove to them that we can pack the freight. If we can’t win without destroying our own BASE, why would they support US? So I respectfully request that BOTH Democratic camps do the right thing and stop the attacks on US!