It’s a tough tit,eh mitt?

Slick willie mitt quit. I guess he dropped out because of the “terrsts”, so they WON slicky-boy mitt. The terrsts beat you. His disgusting final whimper can be seen HERE. My GAWD what a pathetic speech. Can’t he just say that a geriatric half-nuts war-monger beat him like a two-year old beats a drum set? This is exactly why he got his vile guts stomped out. Because he’s a god damn LIAR.He is a weasel and a coward who has no character or spine. KEEERIST! Even the republicans could see through his game show host hair and smile.

This supposed fiscal conservative spent about 1.2 MILLION dollars for every delegate he won. Old rat-mouth rudy spent FIFTY million for ONE delegate, and we are supposed to trust them with our economy??!! It’s THIS kind of idiotic behavior that is crushing our middle class, but slicky-boy blames his flame-out on the terrsts. So what’s next Mr rotney? Are you going to go back to buying companies and shredding the workers at a profit? Maybe become a dioxin lobbyist? Or will you slip into your magic mormon underpants, put all your millions into a handcart and walk back to SLC? I’m sad to see you go mitt. Hypocrites like you don’t come along every generation. So now the gop is left with a grinning old fossil, a gotch-eyed phoney preacher and a baggy eyed America-hater.Let the games begin.