HOLY HUCK, madder than………heck

It looks like the Washington State gop chair tried to pull a jeb bush/katherine harris/ supreme court on the old huckster after Saturdays caucus. Read about it HERE. It seems luke esser state gop chair named old (and I DO mean old) john mcCain winner with only 87% of the votes counted. Needless to say, the huck-o-tards went ape. The huckster’s eyes, usually pointed in two different directions, were pointing in THREE directions. He claimed that he was going to send “warriors” to Washington to do battle with the party. He is demanding retractions and re-counts and a bunch of other stuff. Of course esser started filling his shorts and re-started the count. The huck-o-tards gained a couple points as a result. I think they celebrated with some popcorn fried squirrels.

The Seattle times article contained a quote that I found kinda stunning.

Esser’s acceleration of the count hasn’t altered the Huckabee campaign’s intent to investigate. Its lawyers were to arrive in Washington late Sunday, said James P. Pinkerton, a campaign spokesman.

“This clearly requires a full excavation as to what happened,” Pinkerton said. “The political impact of calling an election before all the votes are counted is pretty seismic.

No shit. When this kind of dirty politics happens, you can wind up with things like Sneering cheneys, incompetent fool rummys, warmonger wolfies, death-squad Johns, brownies,endless wars, and economic depressions. Not to mention a staggering national debt and the ruination of our manufacturing base.

I think this situation is funny and tragic at the same time. The gop can’t stand their own medicine. The evangeli-tards crammed the caucuses like they did back in 1988 when pat robertson won in Washington. They voted for the baggy-eyed America hater (ron paul) in large numbers and they even voted for slick-willie mitt.

Goodness knows the Democratic party has it’s problems, but the gop can’t even trust their OWN voting process. Here in Washington, there were functions by both the Democrats and the GOPers. Barack drew about 22 thousand, Hillary drew about six thousand, McCain drew about four hundred (not all were gop folks) and huck’s dour-faced wife drew a couple hundred at some religious collage. Over two hundred thousand people attended Saturdays caucuses, the VAST majority were Democrats. I guess we could call it the regan revolution……twenty years later.