Bye bye rudy

On the 2008/02/02 broadcast (see show archives) I played a funeral dirge twice. Once, when we talked about the departure of John Edwards from the Democratic campaign for president, the second time as we talked about the fizzling out of rat-mouth rudy giuliani. Of course, the dirge for rudy was somewhat tongue in cheek, but not really. The one who is oft referred to as “America’s mayor” was a thrill a second for those of us lucky enough to be in talk radio. It seems that his “strateegery” of focusing his lame campaign on ONE state was yet another of his failed, incompetent policies that define his whole miserable life. He spent fifty MILLION dollars and won ONE. I repeat, ONE delegate! I told Audrey and Traci that it would have been smarter to find fifty un-committed GOPer delegates and BRIBED them for their support. It’s not like rudy is above bribing people. As we’ve mentioned elsewhere on this blog, rudy will do ANYTHING for money and power. His main financial backers have been vulture capitalists. These are the lowest of the bottom-feeders on the planet. Read about them and his ties to them HERE. If THAT weren’t dirty and disgraceful enough, he also takes money from the very terrorists who want to kill us and MAY have helped fund 9/11. Read about his outrageous business deals with these hideous fundamentalist Islamic terror supporters HERE.
The personal failures of Mr rat-mouth are as funny as they are tragic. He leaves behind him a series of broken homes and lives because of HIS behavior. As his poll ratings were number one among the GOPers, I used to shudder a bit just thinking about such an evil bastard running this country. The press kept on NOT reporting his MANY lapses both personally and business. But he is SUCH a bad man that not even the MSM (many strange men) could protect him. His idiotic use of taxpayer money to drive his shack-job to their ….shack-ups and using police officers to take the skank shack-job’s dogs out to crap was just too much. The American people are only just so tolerant of personal foibles. It seems that the more we saw of him, the less we liked him. He literally lost forty points in the polls in two months. Ya gotta WORK at that.

Of course old rudy immediately endorsed mcCain. You could watch him standing there with his lipless grin, trying to make himself look relevant. The terrorists he does business know he’s washed up and probably won’t be writing him any big checks anytime soon. I also doubt anyone here will be paying him a hundred grand to speak either. I suppose he could always go to work for his vulture friends, or become a dioxin lobbyist, or a Chinese lead toy advocate. We have learned ONE thing about him though. Where rudy is concerned, there IS no bottom.