Rat mouth rudy….SOB 1st class.

There are many stories that give examples of what a dirty bastard rudy is. The story HERE is but one of those stories in the naked city. This is also typical of the character of this asshole. If ANY one says ANY thing he even thinks is slightly negative about him , he uses all his government powers to slam the offending party into the ground. Rudy is a bully and a sneaky piece of shit who will stop at nothing to crush those who he thinks might embarrass him. Too bad he let old bernie kerik off the hook. NO one made him look more stupid than old bernie.

I have gone over the pathetic field the gop has to offer this cycle. But of all the idiots and morons and phonys they are running, rat mouth is the worst. After living there for three months, rudy is polling third among the crust of the septic tank in Florida. It seems the more people get to know rudy, the less they like him. Ask his first (cousin) wife….or his second wife. Soon we can ask his third wife.Rudy is a son of a bitch. I can’t think of anyone less qualified to be president. So he will probably get the nomination. We can only pray that we are blessed with mr 9/11 torture enthusiast.