Potato face thompson yawns out

Poor old fred. He never DID catch on that running for president is a bit different than a run for the Senate in a red state as a TV star. Ya see fred, when you’re running a nation-wide campaign, you actually have to DO something. You can’t have everyone doing your work for you and claim the credit. Read about it HERE. When tired old fred announced, it was said that he was the laziest senator in American history. DANG!! I thought he would last a bit longer so he could prove it.Typical of the neo-tard ass wipes in the GOP. Once they find out that there is actually some kind of WORK involved in this job, they run like the wind.Pathetic.
So good luck and good napping fred, we’ll miss ya. But it’s not like we ever noticed you in the first place. Now, the GOP is left with a slicky-boy game show host in his magic mormon underpants who tries his best to be everything to everybody,a geriatric grinning war monger, a gotch-eyed phony-baloney preacher, a rat-mouth mayor who is obsessed with numerology (9/11) and a baggy-eyed self-professed libertarian nut-case who resents us driving on roads and public schools. GAWD!! I can’t WAIT to see who the tail-spinning cretins in the GOP nominate. I’m salivating.