New Hammpshire speaks. It’s Clinton and McCain

The New Hampshire primary is in the books and they chose Hillary and poor old (and I do mean OLD) John McCain. Read about it HERE. Obama is the topic of the talking heads because he didn’t slam Hillary at the polls. But he came really close. Once again, John Edwards came in third for the Dems. The polling done yesterday showed Obama ahead by a few points. Maybe it was because the weather was good. Maybe the Obama youth machine didn’t get out the vote. There are even morons who think it’s because Hillary cried. (She didn’t cry, but she DID choke up a bit)It’s hard to say. BUT IF the young folks are as into Obama’s message of hope as they claim to be, they need to get their asses to the polls and caucuses in the next few weeks. Hillary needs to stop attacking Obama in such a ham-fisted manner.

The “conventional wisdom” schmucks in the media called Hillary’s slim victory a stunning defeat for Obama. The REAL stunning defeat banner is wrapped around Slick-willie Mitt. This guy is burning through tens of MILLIONS of dollars and the sum total of that investment is two stunning losses in a row. First by a shyster preacher and then by a geriatric kook. If I were advising the slickster, I would tell him to stop lying. Just say no telling whoppers, they aren’t doing him any good and even the neo-tards can tell that he is pissing on their heads and saying it’s raining.

So it’s off to Nevada, Michigan and South Carolina. This is STILL a thrilling time to watch these races because there are NO anointed ones. It’s any body’s guess as to what will happen next. I can feel the warm wind of hope blowing gently on my face. The bush/cheney dark age is almost over. It’s funny. NO ONE is bringing him up. I DO wish the Dems would talk more about the last eight years and what they will do to begin repairing the HUGE amount of damage the GOP has done to our country, our freedom and our way of life.